How To Tell If A Blocked Sewer Pipe Has Caused Water Damage

Water damage situations can be caused by a number of reasons, however almost 80% of call-outs can be attributed to backed up water appliances (e.g. a backed up bath tub).

By far, the worst blockage a home owner can have involved a blocked or broken sewer pipe.

Since sewer pipes are located where the human eyes cannot see, how can one tell if their sewer pipe is at risk of causing a water damage problem?

By reading the following advice: How to Tell if your sewer pipe is blocked/broken.

Having damaged or broken sewer pipes on your property can become very costly – not only will the cost of repairs escalate as the damage gets worse, but you will potentially be losing water, and the area of damage to the ground around the pipe will increase.

Here are a few of the easily identifiable ways to tell if your sewer pipe is broken:

Sudden increase in your water bill

The first sign for a lot of people that their home sewer pipes are broken is the sudden increase in their home water bill. This is a pretty reliable and definite way of knowing that you are losing water, and the increase of cost is never welcome.

As this is a fairly conclusive sign that you are losing water and it is costing you extra, you should call out a plumber as soon as you notice the bill increase. If you leave this problem it will only get worse as the damage in the pipe increases.

Lack of water pressure

Another obvious sign of water leaking from a damaged pipe is a lack of water pressure. The system behind water flow is not complicated, if you are receiving substantially less into your home you can be fairly certain pressure is being lost along the way.

Pipes that have cracked or burst will allow water to escape en route to your home, causing a loss in pressure. The Pipe Relining Experts from Sydney suggest that you contract professional pipe re-liners and have them use a drain camera to assess to damage before going ahead with repair.

Unpleasant or musky odours

Breaks in sewer pipes can produce unpleasant odours, this is often an indication that you have a problem and it can cause problems for people living in the surrounding houses dealing with unpleasant odours, and is certainly a major factor in taking action.


Having the drainage system from your home clogged up can be a huge hindrance. The problem is not limited to just slow moving water leaving your property, but having sewer water backing up into your property.

It’s common for homeowners to leave this problem alone, assuming that there is just some food blocking a sink, but it is often an indication of a greater problem further into the pipe. You will only know is there is a bigger problem for sure by calling out a professional with the necessary equipment to investigate further into the pipe.

Professional inspection of your pipe

Having a professional company carry out annual maintenance on your sewer pipes will help you identify a problem before it becomes a bigger problem. Additionally, calling out a professional plumber after you think there is a problem beginning will either confirm, or deny your concerns.

If you’re experiencing any of the problems discussed above or have any reason to believe you have damaged sewer pipes on your property, you should seek professional advice sooner rather than later. Trying to ignore or put the problem off will only result in it becoming worse and causing a costly water damage situation, so don’t delay – can a plumber as soon as you suspect a problem.

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